The idea is to see what the same song sounds like when loosely translated into different languages, so we've taken "Little Bit Perfect" from Tan Lines, and come up with the following versions.

English (original) (includes the original English lyrics) Bernard de la Coeur
Instrumental backing  
Guide melody (press Play to listen)  
Swedish Xanna Åkervinda
Mandarin Yin (Cindy) Zeng
German Anke MacLean
Portuguese Paulo Andrade
Hungarian Gabor Legradi
French Steeve Dess, with Sab's (vocals) and Mathieu Genete (trumpet)

Thanks everyone for getting involved in this fun project!

If you'd like to add another language, please get in touch - the translations are not necessarily literal, but they should capture the right rhythms of the words and list opposites that fit together well.